Who we worship and how we worship flows out of a confession of Jesus Christ
as the redeemer "in whom we live and move and have our being.." We do not
create our confession. Rather, we are created and re-created by it because it is
the living word of God. In light of this, we energetically support three values:

First, the subject and object of worship is God.
This may sound like stating the obvious, but... Worship is transcendent when
we shift our gaze away from ourselves and receive His good gifts. The
"otherness" of God is exactly what we need: because we already have more than
enough of humanity to cope with...our own and others!

Second, heartfelt and joyful worship are a good thing.
Worship is not simply a matter of going through prescribed motions or saying
the "rote" words. Worship flows from a heart cleansed and forgiven by the
suffering and death of Jesus - a heart that has become a temple of the Holy
Spirit. It is dynamic, not static.

Third, hymns, ancient creeds, and liturgies are treasures.
They inform and shape how we worship. Worship is about saying and singing the
words that truthfully describe God. What we say about God and to him matters
very much. Hymns, creeds and liturgies are the master works of the Church that
give us a priceless template for worship. From here we can use existing historical
liturgies, and  explore new liturgies and hymns for a new world.
Sacred Music for a New World