April 21-23...2010 Lutheran Songwriter's Conference, St Louis, MO.
What a blast! My song "Christ My Treasure" was one of the winners of the
National LCMS Worship Songwriting competition. We spent time with
professional songwriters, listened to each other's music, worshipped
together, and studied our craft.

May 21...Deadline for juried song submissions on the sacraments,
Concordia Publishing House. Yikes! I have four weeks to write and record
a song.

June 1-9...Worship leader at Shepherd's Canyon Retreat, Phoenix, AZ.
What a fabulous ministry and dear friends.

July 15...Finished recording and mastering "Heaven's Story" [a song about
baptism]. Submitted for publication.

August 15-20...Flew into Schaeffer Meadows in the Bob Marshall
Wilderness. To celebrate my 50th birthday I walked 50 miles on a solo
retreat. No new song lyrics, but great clarity about God's love for me.
Absolutely priceless.

October 21...Received a pastoral call to 1st Lutheran, Grand Rapids, MN.
Two weeks later we accepted & said goodbye to Montana.

January 10, 2011..."Heaven's Story" was selected for publication! The
song and sheet music will be distributed to 6000+ congregations and posted
on-line. I couldn't be happier!

Jan 24, 2011..."Heaven's Story" is in production...getting mastered, art
work finalized, web promotion set up, etc. Looking for a release of the
entire compilation album sometime in late Feb or early March.

Jan 31, 2011...God is good. [no news there!] I parted with my Goodall
classical and purchased a Lowden Pierre Bensusan signature model. Wow
and wow. I haven't been inspired by guitar this much in years. More on the

Feb 10, 2011...been playing in DADGAD for two weeks. Out popped a new
arrangement of "All Creatures of our God and King".
Working on the final,
and will post soon.

Apr 1, 2011...My baptismal song was released for national distribution
today! Click on the image below.